JeTuNous magazine is an independent quarterly online publication encapsulating the experience of people; their identities, their personal style, their experiences. All through a feminist lens. Each issue published has a theme, which the content inside revolves around. Issue One’s theme is empowerment and contains personal essays, interviews, artwork, and music illustrating journeys to empowerment. Issue One features:

An interview with Grace F Victory: on building an online empire and writing #NoFilter
Daring to be a funny female in the political arena, with MP Jess Phillips
A conversation with Maya Felix, on modelling with body hair and using self-made platforms
The start-up story of Peach Club’s band, and their feminist-punk vibe
A personal essay from Cecily Cook, about her relationship with food and building a relationship with her inner child
Writer and poet Kevin Kissane, on how he uses socks to portray his queer style

JeTuNous was founded by editor in chief Lauren Du Bignon and senior editor Beth Ashley. With the help of designer Hannah Hopgood and social media manager Ieshia Thaper, JeTuNous can continue spreading messages and telling stories on love, identity, style, feminism, art and more.

Find out more about the team through our Masthead page.