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Issue One Launch: a Letter from Editor-in-Chief Lauren Du Bignon

Issue one of JeTuNous Magazine is out now, and editor-in-chief Lauren Du Bignon has a few words:

JeTuNous sprung from an ambitious pair of students; myself and editor Beth, wanting to create a space that celebrated creatives and our passions all in one place. We both have a love for art, magazines and literature. I recall saying to Beth that my dream is to run my own magazine one day and her confident reply was; let’s do it! And she meant now! We thought, why not create a feminism, fashion magazine that brings creatives together in one space but allows industry professionals to easily contact contributors? I felt there wasn’t a platform available to creatives that cut out the middle person, and just allowed potential business to directly contact them, whilst also providing an end product that can become part of their CV. Our goal at JeTuNous is to have created a safe space that strives for equality and discusses topical issues whilst also bringing some gorgeous visuals to our readers attention. We have created and selected articles, features and art work based on what we enjoy, what provokes topical discussions, what evokes empowerment and what stimulates us to create. In issue one, I am excited to share with you such talented people that have contributed to JeTuNous, that believe in similar attributes that we do and wanted to join us to celebrate feminism. A few of my favourite pieces to look out for in issue one are; In conversation with Grace F Victory -discussing diversity in blogging and representation issues within publishing, our cover girl Maya Felix on body confidence, our interview with the wonderful political feminist girl band Peach Club, a feature interview with MP Jess Phillips: Daring to be a Women in Politics, and so many amazing photography and art work submissions throughout the issue. A massive thank you is in order for the girl that has more hours in a day than Beyoncé, senior editor Beth Ashley for whom without this magazine would not be possible. The amazing and talented Hannah Hopgood who turned the graphics throughout the entire magazine into stunning, coherent pages, and Ieshia Thaper for coming on board and bringing our social media to life! A huge shout out to my family and friends for their constant support and in particular my wonderful Step-Dad for his dedication last year to finding printing and funding options for us. With thanks to everyone that contributed and helped throughout the whole process over the last few years, and of course thank you to our readers for supporting us – we hope you like the magazine as much as we do. If you would like to get in contact with us, submit or just have a chat – head over to our social media platforms or contact us through our website.


Editor in Chief

If you purchase the issue today, be sure to tag us in photos or tweets – our handle is @jetunousmag on all platforms!

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Daring to Be a Funny Female in the Political Arena – with Jess Phillips

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For issue one of JeTuNous Magazine (out on the 1st of September), we’ve interviewed the wonderful Jess Phillips, MP of Birmingham Yardley, on the battles faced by women in the political arena (and outside of it). The interview, conducted by senior editor Beth Ashley covers how daring it is to be a funny female in politics, Jess’ experience working in women’s refuges through Women’s Aid, and more.

Here’s a snippet from the feature:

“Jess Phillips is the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, a kick-arse feminist, and basically the coolest person on twitter dot com. I discovered Jess on a podcast one day, where she was taking down the patriarchy and being her usual funny self. I instantly started stalking her social media platforms and read her book; Everywoman (It’s great. Get that on your TBR pile). I then met her at an Avon collaboration with Refuge, an International Women’s Day event raising awareness about domestic violence in teenagers which we were both speakers at, and I decided I needed to interview her right away.

Jess used to work as a manager at Women’s Aid, a charity that supports women and children who are escaping domestic violence. After 2010 saw its first conservative government for a very long time, Jess saw how much poor policy-making affected these women. So, she decided to do something about it – and transformed into a politician! Jess is a great character, armed with a thick black country accent, the powerful stories of thousands of women (including her own), and superpowers in making men in politics listen to her amazing ideas. This interview is full of incredible truths, about being a woman in the political arena, the courageous act of daring to be a funny female, and how she brought her previous experience from the inside of women’s refuges to parliament. She also debunks some myths about domestic violence and lets us know what we can do with our own individual platforms.

While discussing the intense topics of violence and how shite the government can be in dealing with it, Jess remains forever positive, full of laughs, and hopeful for a better future. And I left the interview feeling exactly the same way.”

– Beth Ashley, editor.

You can read the interview with Jess Phillips in full inside issue one of JeTuNous, launching on the 1st of September. Available from this website, only.